Bibliography of Kathleen Ferrier

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by Paul Campion

Kathleen Ferrier - A Memoir, ed. Neville CardusKathleen Ferrier - A Memoir, ed. Neville Cardus, Hamish Hamilton (1954) - A collection of six beautifully written tributes to Ferrier by some of her closest friends and colleagues: Sir John Barbirolli, Benjamin Britten, Neville Cardus, Roy Henderson, Gerald Moore and Bruno Walter. Extensively illustrated.
The Life of Kathleen Ferrier, by Winifred FerrierThe Life of Kathleen Ferrier, by Winifred Ferrier, Hamish Hamilton (1955) - The first authoritative biography, a very well written and affectionate tribute by the family member closest to Kathleen Ferrier. Extensively illustrated.
Kathleen Ferrier, by Charles RigbyKathleen Ferrier, by Charles Rigby, Robert Hale (1955) - An unauthorised biography, the subject of much controversy on its publication. Inaccurate in many ways, it does include some photographs of Ferrier not published elsewhere. Extensively illustrated.
Kathleen, by Maurice LeonardKathleen, by Maurice Leonard, Hutchinson (1988) - An excellent portrait that enlarges considerably on earlier biographies. It reveals aspects of Kathleen's life and illness that her sister had been reluctant to focus on so soon after Kathleen's death, and was written with Winifred's full co-operation and help. Extensively illustrated. A revised and updated version was published in May 2008 by Nonsuch Publishing.
Kathleen Ferrier, by Jérôme SpycketKathleen Ferrier, by Jérôme Spycket, Payot Lausanne (1990) - A short biography in French, alternate pages being devoted to superbly produced photographs, many of which are unpublished elsewhere.
Spycket's La vie brève de Kathleen FerrierSpycket's La vie brève de Kathleen Ferrierwas published by Fayard in 2003.
Ferrier - A Career Recorded, by Paul CampionFerrier - A Career Recorded, by Paul Campion, Thames Publishing/Music Sales (2005) - An annotated discography that considers Ferrier's recordings in the context of her short, busy career; it includes details of dates, recording venues and issue numbers. All of Ferrier's recordings known at the time of writing are discussed, including a number 're-discovered' shortly before the book's publication; includes a section about Ferrier on film and DVD. Extensively illustrated. Selective Addenda and Errata
The Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier, ed. Christopher FifieldThe Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier, ed. Christopher Fifield, Boydell & Brewer (2003) - The traced surviving letters from Kathleen Ferrier to numerous correspondents collected together for the first time; a commemorative publication for the 50th anniversary of Ferrier's death. Extensively illustrated. Enlarged paperback edition due October 2011 - see News page for details.

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